Interactive treemaps are used to explore employer skill and certification demands across the nine Virginia Growth and Opportunity Regions (GO Regions) using job-ads. Virginia has a diverse array of industries, from computer services and cybersecurity in Region 7, ship building and repair in Region 5, and energy and minerals in Region 1.

The first tab, Job-ad Density, displays Burning Glass Technology job-ads organized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 23 Major Occupation Groups (MOG) for each GO Region using treemaps. The size of the rectangle is a function of the number of job-ads and the color indicates the average salary. Clicking on one of the major occupations groups displays the job-ad treemap for the occupations within the MOG. Below the treemap are salary density plots for each of the major occupation groups.

The second tab, Skill Density, displays treemaps organized by the Burning Glass Technology skill taxonomy for each GO Region. The skills listed in job-ads are canonicalized to improve categorization which allows each skill to be categorized into one of the 657 skill clusters which is a grouping of skills that have similar functionality and/or frequently appear together in job-ads and one of the 28 skill cluster families. The most general classification of the Burning Glass Technologies skill taxonomy is the skill cluster family, each skill and skill cluster belong to exactly one family.

The third tab, Certification Density, displays the certificates in job-ads by organized by GO Region using treemaps. A certification is a nondegree credential awarded by a certification body based on an individual demonstrating through an examination process they have acquired the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform a specific job. The examination can be either written, oral, or performance-based (National Center for Education Statistics). The Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop contains 11,556 unique industry-recognized certifications.